REG Group


Based in Hauts-de-France, REG SAS is a French industrial group composed of five entities. All our products are designed and manufactured in our workshops. Our core business is mechanical engineering. The REG Group has some 130 employees, all highly qualified and continuously trained in the most innovative techniques. We are strongly committed to availability, proximity, responsiveness and efficiency. We specialise in the following technologies:

  • Expandable shafts – winding and unwinding equipment: AIRMAT TECHNOLOGY
  • High performance industrial valves: REG TECHNOLOGY
  • Large-scale and made-to-measure device manufacture: SHCI
  • Concrete plants – After-sales service – Maintenance: DISTRIMIX 
  • Integrated air & gas processing solutions: Chaumeca Technology 

The REG SAS Group promotes the long-term development of its businesses while respecting their identity, traditions and know-how.

Our operational model is based on four pillars:

  1. Decentralised organisation: the companies retain their autonomy and responsiveness
  2. Communication: Internally and with our partners
  3. Creating synergy: Developing innovations and ideas between subsidiaries
  4. Long-term sustainability: Implementing skills transfer procedures to boost all activities


Our markets

Energy, nuclear, water, chemicals, petroleum, gas, agrifood, packaging, textiles, etc.

Our activities

Designing, manufacturing, commissioning and maintaining production equipment

Our philosophy

The culture of industrial excellence through the services and performance of our design offices, our manufacturing workshops and our highly qualified employees, corporate and environmental responsibility, and lasting relationships



The REG SAS Group is supported by its Research and Development teams, promoting the realisation of innovative ideas