Founded in 1978, SHCI  is a company with genuine expertise in many different areas of mechanical engineering, including machining, welding, boilermaking, and lifting devices.  Our company strives to meet the needs of our customers in numerous fields. We are able to produce small or large volumes, to supply new equipment, and to repair parts.

SHCI ’s skills:

  • Mechanical welding
  • Mechanical engineering and Machining
  • Lifting devices
  • Boilermaking, Sheet metal
  • Special machinery
  • Maintenance, repair, new constructions

Based for over thirty years in the Sambre industrial region, our reputation as industrial construction specialists is built on recognised know-how and experience built up over time. SHCI has an enthusiastic team driven by the desire to provide optimal solutions. We can rely on the expertise of our design office, accredited by the ministry of education and research, for completion of the most complex projects. We offer an all-round support service, covering everything from the design of parts to their installation. The company is able to repair an overhead crane in under two hours or create an automated conveyor for handling parts weighing several tonnes across tens of metres.

Proximity and availability are our philosophy. We are able to intervene on customers’ sites to perform maintenance, repairs and assembly, as well as to provide transportation of certain parts. SHCI also benefits from a rigorous organisation: we follow a demanding manufacturing process and quality controls are carried out at every stage.

Our priority is to offer our customers a high quality product and service, meeting all deadlines and specifications.

SHCI, has the capacity to complete large-scale industrial projects with strict respect for specifications and deadlines, all overseen by an attentive and passionate team, ensuring high quality service.